Feminism? More like “Masculinism”


So called “feminists” who bash this type of thinking aren’t progressing or valuing women’s nature. It is a woman’s nature to be a nurturing mother.

The feminist movement convinced all women they had to be business savvy sharks like some stereotypical businessmen. Being a loving, nurturing mother is priceless and undervalued. Stay at home moms have THE hardest job on the face of the Earth. We all owe responsible dedicated women and mothers our entire existence. Since women became men (it should really be called the masculinist movement), society has crippled emotionally. Divorce has skyrocketed, illness on many levels has skyrocketed (especially mental illness yet it is constantly ignored). This all has it’s roots in mothers being forced to believe their full time job as a mother is “archaic” or demeaning to women and therefore are inclined and pressured by their gender kin to enter back into the workforce
just because “they deserve to be equal to men.”

Facts are, women have never been equal to men, they have always been superior. The feminist movement has been based on insecurities of women who have felt taken advantage of by men. It’s reactionary. Like a rebound in a relationship dynamic. Of course it was going to have its flaws. It wasn’t founded on research, it was founded on pain.


  1. Great insights and thoughts. What our country should do is respond to the emotions of our women and validate them. There should be more programs in place that encourage (financially) women to stay at home for at least a period of six months. Unfortunately, you see money misappropriated in this country because WE, as a nation, have been conditioned to respond primarily to our Ego, thereby overvaluing identity in this way. The sad reality is that the economy affects this as you said, “priceless and undervalued” instinct largely responsible for the birth and continued evolution of our species. There are numerous interchangeable roles either men or women can fill, and be successful in that role. However, “mother,” is irreplaceable, especially during infancy.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts Joe!

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